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Change is gonna come ... unfortunately

Hi folks,

If you were hoping this post would have good news, think again. But it's not all bad, I guess.

First, the nut-graph: We will soon raise our price on 99-cent downloads to $1.99.

Here's why: The company that hosts our website - smug mug - has decided to raise the cost it charges us for downloads by 50 cents. Wish it weren't true and wish we could absorb the fee increase, but as you can imagine our profit on a 99-cent download isn't a lot.

When will this happen: Short answer - any second now. Long answer: We were told the price change was to begin March 1. It didn't happen. But I'm told it will happen. Soon. And when it does, our prices will jump as soon as we can make the changes to the galleries.

So, if you want to lock in those 99-cent rates, I'd suggest you act soon.

(Remember, not all galleries have 99-cent downloads, especially galleries more than a two years old. If you want to know if a gallery qualifies, email me the name of the team and I can tell you quickly.)

Of course, another complicating factor is that many of our galleries are not listed because of our new website design. There are over 1,000 galleries we need to re-catagorize and it's taking forever to do that. It will get done at some point, but not soon.

However, all is not lost. We have a new search feature at the top of the website that works like a dream to find galleries. Simply type in the name of the team you are lookinf for and the list of the galleries with that team name in the title will appear.

For instance, say you want to find all BFA-St. Albans girls hockey photos from 2012. Type in BFA-St. Albans 2012 and you will find these, and probably some other BFA games, but you'll find your galleries soon enough.

A couple of hints on searching - we always use the proper school name in our gallery titles and not the mascot, i.e. BFA-St. Albans, BFA-Fairfax, not Comets, Bullets, Rockets, etc ... Also, we always put the year in title, so searches for Richford 2012 should yield great results. Sometimes we put the sport in the title - we will do so for all galleries moving forward, but it's possible a search for Enosburg girls soccer 2012 might not yield results, but Enosburg 2012 will - you will just have to search for the girls soccer galleries.

Make sense? If you have any questions, email shawn@coldhollowphoto.com

Thanks for visiting the blog!



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